Become a better reader with these tips

Hey there Sparkle Writers! We know; it’s been a minute since you read a post from us. We went on a short break to re-strategize and we are back with a bang! Watch out for great writing tips in the coming days.

You already know by now that to become a better writer, you need to be a reader. Some of you may have already cultivated the habit of reading regularly. The question is, are you making the most of your reading time? Here’s how to become a better reader (which will inadvertently make you a better writer);

Be deliberate about reading

To be a better reader, you just have to create time to read. We know you live a busy life and you hardly have time for yourself but you can still find the time to read. Think about all that time you spend going through different timelines on Facebook and Twitter. That time could have been better used to read a book. Start by reading at least 15 minutes every day and before you know it, it will become a habit.

Read widely

If you like romance novels, that does not mean you should only read romance novels. When it comes to reading, you really need to come out of your comfort zone. Expand your horizon and read other genres. By reading widely, you enlarge your mind and capacity to write better.

Read bad writing

Yes you read correctly! Reading a book that was badly written helps you to know how not to write. Even when you read good books, you should form the habit of critiquing it. What did the writer get right? What could they have done better? Doing this will help you to become a better writer yourself.

Take notes

It is important to take notes while you read. Jot down your thoughts in a journal or note. Scribble within the book. Highlight and underline words, phrases or sentences that jump at you. By taking notes, you’re guaranteed that you are actually paying attention to what you are reading and you are learning from it too.


Think about the thoughts you have jotted down. Think about the things you read in the book. Reflect on them. What did you learn from the book? What can you takeaway from the book that will help you to become a better writer? Also review the book; the good, the bad and the ugly. What can you learn from them?

By using these tips, you will definitely become a better reader and a better writer too!

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