#SWChristmasCampaign – “Christmas is like a moon in the dark clouds reminding me that there’s always hope.” Jolaade Philips

Jolaade Phillips

From not believing that there was anything special about Christmas, to discovering the hidden treasure in the season, Jolaade Philips’ entry will definitely tug at the strings of your heart. Thank you for sharing Jolaade!


I didn’t grow up thinking Christmas was a religious thing, I assumed it was some sort of day other than your birthday where you get to eat anything you want, wear new clothes and not permitted to be sad.

Christmas I’d say to me is a day not just of love but it’s expression. No matter how crappy the year has been, when it’s Christmas you tend to put it all behind you at least for that day. Christmas is like a moon in the dark clouds reminding me that no matter how dark the day is, there’s always hope.

Christmas is an eye opener and confirmation to the fact that life can be lived with less hate and more love. For me it’s the day I get to put smiles on the faces of people by sharing food, drinks, jokes and sometimes these people are total strangers.

It’s a day where you get to see that every man has a bit of joy waiting to be expressed and the homeless man down the street stands up and dances with the richest man in the hood. Christmas is a reminder that every man has an intrinsic worth because everyone is treated specially and given what he desires.

Jolaade Phillips

It was on a Christmas Day that my dad spoke to me his last words. He said “Son, I’ll be back I promise.” I didn’t understand until he passed away after four months and he never came back. Every Christmas Day, I remember his last words and I feel his presence and then I understood his promise. He’ll be back like Christmas, reminding me that he never left.

If everyday was Christmas, the world would be a better place.

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