#SWChristmasCampaign – “Christmas is the day I remember the birth of love personified, Jesus Christ.” Ikponmwen Orobosa


Despite the euphoria that surrounds the season, Ikponmwen Orobosa has discovered and celebrates the true reason for the season. You’ll love her entry.


Christmas means a lot of things to different people; it’s the crisp sweet scent, the weather that turns my lips and legs white even after using the strongest lotion that morning. It’s been the food, oh the wonderful Christmas meals, all the events happening around the world, the Christmas themed songs, the carols, the colours and street decor, the time spent with family,  all these and more do happen when December 25th draws close.

After all that, deep within all the euphoria of the 25th, lies the very reason why I’ll always love that day. It’s the day I remember the birth of love personified, Jesus Christ.

I’ll imagine I was right there on my own donkey riding along side Mary and Joseph. We’ll go around knocking on the doors of inns and motels, but we’ll get a ‘no’ each time. Mary’s birth pangs will come faster, the king was coming. We’ll ride and ride, an army of thousands of angels on every side, and find a manger.

“Just one more push Mary…”, I’ll say, cheering her on as I eagerly wait beside her, Joseph praying silently, angels as her midwives.

Finally, the cry of The King is heard, my lord is come.

Tears of joy stream down Mary and Joseph’s face. I look around me and find the horses in the manger bowing to their maker, the stars outside twinkling ever brightly, the wise men fall on their faces with their gifts before the Promised One, the hosts of angels sing songs of rejoicing as they worship their master. The awe of His presence fill my being, tears of joy, admiration, reverence, I could only totally bow and kneel before the awesome might and love of my saviour, before the grace of God.

There’s a feast in heaven, Jesus is born!

About Ikponmwen Orobosa


Stage name; Creator’s Pen

Occupation: writer/blogger

Nationality: Nigeria

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