Here’s how to overcome ANY kind of writer’s block!


Do you think we’d ever exhaust the writer’s block subject? We honestly do not think so. Today, we are highlighting writer’s block in all the forms and types you may have experienced it. This will help to demystify the entire problem and find practical solutions to it. 

Ready? Of course you are! 

Here are some of the things that cause the popular writer’s block and what to do. 

You’ve run out of ideas. 

There are times you experience writer’s block not because you are lazy or you’re not meant to be a writer. You just simply go blank and you are running empty on ideas. 

When this happens, what you need to do is research. Seek information and the writing will flow. 

Trust us. 

You simply need a break. 

If, for example, you have been on a writing marathon for days or let’s say hours, you may need to take a break. Take a walk, eat and drink something and maybe even nap for some hours. Once you do this, go back to your work and you’d see how different things would be.

Burn out. 

This one requires more than an hour of napping . You, your mind and your body need to go on a vacation. Now, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive but your creative juices will thank you for the time out.

It’s not fun anymore.

Sometimes we take the fun out of writing because we’re too hard on ourselves, or we become overly serious and stop writing altogether because our writing gets stale and feels too much like a hopeless chore to continue. If this sounds familiar, reflect on why you started writing and recapture your true, raw passion for writing.

Remember, however, that deadlines do not recognize writer’s block. If you have a close deadline you really just have to deliver! 



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