Join The Sparkle Writer’s Network


We are excited to announce the launch of The Sparkle Writer’s Network (SWN).

So what is the SWN all about?

Well, we know one challenge writers face is getting well paid freelance writing opportunities and on the flip side, media companies, magazines, and people who need content find it difficult to get skilled writers to execute their projects.

SWN is here to bridge that gap 🙂

When you join The Sparkle Writer’s Network, we will link you up with opportunities that fit your expertise and experience.

Writers in the SWN who attend our training and our writing courses will also get weekly personalized skill consultation to improve their chances of getting the available writing jobs.

For individuals and organizations who need skilled writers, we will source for writers within the SWN who are well-suited for the project that you have.

Sounds good to you?

Then you should register following these steps:

1. Fill in all the details in the form below or click here to fill the form.

2. Send us THREE samples of work you have written or done (this can include links).

3. Go through the verification process. This process takes at least TWO weeks as we need to ensure that all writers in the SWN are up to the required standard. We will review the samples you send us, having a conversation with you over the phone and review your references (where applicable).

4. Receive The Sparkle Writer’s Network pack after being verified.

It’s quite simply really. Register now to get verified and enjoy the benefits of being part of the SWN.