Seven blogging tools for bloggers with zero graphic design skills

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Isn’t it amazing how you do not have to be an expert graphics designer before you can design an image that would truly capture what your blog post is about? We think it is!

There are image creating tools that are easy to use, easy to navigate and produce high quality images all at the same time. Rather than resort to downloading images from stock photos that may not really capture the line of thought in your posts, you could actually be doing the design yourself without the help of a graphics designer.

You need to check these tools out. They are awesome resources for bloggers.

  • Canva – Apart from the exciting fact that this tool is free (to an extent), Canva is a surefire way of pretending like you have awesome graphics design skills as a blogger. Once you select your image dimension, you can pick from a blank canvas or preset design template, and quickly customize the graphic. There is an extensive library of free options to choose from.

  • Ribbet – Even though this tool has not been around for so long, it is gradually gaining some level of recognition. The degree of simplicity attached to the usage of this tool is simply unbelievable. It is a platform for simple photo editing and collage creation. With this tool, you can customize images for your blog posts without limits. All you need to do is drag and drop your photos into the pre-set collage templates.

  • Quotescover – You can tell the function of this tool from its name. If you are a blogger with an uncanny ability for churning out witty quotes, this is the tool for you. It is really simple. Add your own text or choose from their extensive library of quotes, pick an image and font, and publish. That is all!

  • Smushit – This is one tool that really does a good job of ‘smushing’ pictures with large file sizes. This tool helps to reduce the file size of images preventing your blog from loading pages on time. It would literally increase your blog’s page-load times.  The best part of this tool is that the quality of your pictures does not reduce with the file size. It remains intact.

  • Google Drawings – This is one fun tool for bloggers who love to have fun. All you need to do is upload an image, label it and add a few fun shapes. With that, you would have created a .png image with a transparent background. All you need to access this tool is a Google account and then you are good to go.

Some of us may never learn how to use Photoshop but we still would need to design a thing or two right?

5 tools every blogger needs to succeed


New blogs are springing up everyday but do you know the necessary apps you need in order to ensure you have a successful blogging experience? We’ll give you all the information you need in today’s post!

Here are five blogging tools every blogger should have;

1. Image archive

Blogging is not just about words on a page. Images are incredibly important for illustrating your story. Your readers love to see pictures. No matter what niche your blog focuses on, images are always needed. Pictures will help increase your followers.

Don’t delete your pictures immediately; you just don’t know when next you’d need them. Keep them properly documented and named either on your computer or any external storage like your hard drive.

2. Image app

You do not always have to take pictures yourself. There are free graphic apps that you can use to create beautiful images for your blog without having to infringe on copyright laws. Canva for example is easy to use. You don’t have to be a trained graphic designer to operate Canva. It comes with a few directions once you get the app. There are other apps like Phonto, Notegraphy and Typorama that will be useful for you. 

If you believe you are experienced with graphic designs then you can use Photoshop. It has a variety of features that can help enhance any image. You can also use Pic Monkey and Illustrator

3. A good smartphone

Well you need a phone whether or not you are a blogger but if you are, the kind of phone you use matters. You should have at least one smartphone with a decent camera quality. It will come in handy when you want to take pictures on the spot, reply emails and comments from your posts or you just want to know what’s happening on your social media timeline.

4. Internet

This is a basic need for every blogger. You need the internet to get post ideas, work with graphic apps like Canva, publish posts, and engage with your followers on social media.

A blogger cannot afford to be off the internet for a long time without a good reasons.

5. Post scheduler

Have you ever wondered why some bloggers are ‘always’ online and posting content on their blog and social media pages? Well the post scheduler is their best kept secret. You can now schedule your blog posts in advance and trust the app to post on your behalf at the right time. Hootsuite is a great example of such a tool. It can post on any social media age you want as long as you schedule the post and give it a date and time to publish. 

There are other useful post schedulers like Buffer and Hubspot. Do your research and find the one that works for you.