Everything you should know about this fiction masterclass + a 5% discount!


Hey Sparkle Writers! If you’ve wondered how to write the perfect dialogue or create scenes and characters that keep your readers spell bound, we’ve got the right answer. 

Abimbola Dare, an author of two bestselling books, The Accidental Wife and The Small Print, will be hosting a one-day fiction masterclass on how to: 

  • Write dialogue that sizzles 
  • Build scenes and characters
  • Create suspense and infuse mind blowing plot twist

There will also be a question and answer segment on how to get your books published. Isn’t that great? 

As if that’s not enough, everyone who registers from The Sparkle Writer’s Hub will get a 5% discount! 


DATE: Saturday, May 27th 2018

FEE : N 15, 000  (with a 5% discount if you register from us) 

VENUE : Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja Lagos. 

To register, click here 


Make your fiction unforgettable with these tips

Medieval (1).png

All you need to do is enter a bookstore and ask for a fiction book or type fiction as a hashtag on social media and you’d see that there’s a lot of them. In today’s unbelievably competitive industry, how can you make your fiction the best?

How can you make you reader addicted to your story? Victoria Mixon has the answers! 

Secret #1 Unforgettable Character

The most fundamental truism of fiction is that all great plot grows out of character.

You can design any type of plot you like. However, if it’s not grounded in the character of your protagonist, it will be nothing but a mish-mash of events from which the reader can disengage at any time and walk away.

On the other hand, you can design almost no plot at all, and if it’s grown entirely from the character of your protagonist, the reader will not only be addicted to your work, they’ll convince all their friends and relatives to become addicted as well.

Ask yourself:

How did James Bond become a cultural icon, although his plots are repetitive and he must frequently be rescued by a young woman he’s just met?   

Because Bond is an unforgettable character from which his plot grows. 

This means that character is where we always start.

So how do we make this character unforgettable? That work is based upon the character’s conflicting internal needs. These needs must be internal or they won’t be powerful enough to fuel an entire novel. They must conflict, or there won’t be any climax to this story.   

Secret #2 Inescapable Plot

Now what is this unforgettable character going to do?

A story—short fiction or novel—is, at its most fundamental, simply an opportunity for the reader to spend time with your unforgettable character. To make friends with them. To bond. To allow this character to become a part of their life.

This means you must design a plot that gives the freest possible reins to the protagonist’s character—exploring it, exposing it, delving into it to reveal its most intriguing and hidden facets.

 A plot that hooks them quickly, takes them for a thrilling whirl, then throws them off a cliff.

Secret #3 Mesmerizing Prose

Finally there is the writing of this character-grown plot.

How do you turn a brilliant, well-developed idea into a novel of some 70,000-100,000 words—a novel that the reader can’t forget, can’t escape, can hardly put down even for a minute? Because 70,000-100,000 are a whole lot of words. And the reader has a life to live.fi

How do you write a novel that’s mesmerizing? One to which the reader is addicted?

You’ll hear a lot in the writing community these days about how to make time to write, how to write faster and more efficiently, how to get your manuscript finished. This advice is mostly about time management, on the assumption that your life is not set up for endless hours in front of the keyboard. However, focusing upon time management misses a crucial element of writing: you write because you love to.

Truly, if writing is not the one thing you love to do above all else, then go find out what is and do that. Life is too short for wasting on doing things you don’t love.

And if writing is the one thing you love to do above all else, then you don’t need time management. You need stamina. You need to stay in touch with your passion. You need, especially, to know what you’re doing.

Hello fiction writers! You should register for the WAW Fiction Masterclass


There’s nothing like a good story. We think everyone can agree with this but we also know that writing a good story can sometimes be difficult. We have something that can help and we think you should know about.

It’s The WAW Fiction Masterclass! This is a one-day intensive writing class, that will teach you how to build fully formed fictional characters and bring them to life on the page by revealing them to readers with time-tested techniques.

Do you know what the best part is? The training is FREE!

To apply for this training,

  • Send a mail to masterclass@wordsarework.com with the subject: “WAW FM Application: [Your full name]” (e.g. WAW FM Application: John Doe)
  • The email should contain your name, contact details (email and mobile number), age (if you don’t mind) and location.
  • Submit up to 300 words of fiction you’ve written (published or unpublished). It could be a complete story, a vignette or a portion of a story or book. Copy and paste in the email (no attachments).
  • Below your writing sample, include a brief statement of purpose (100 words, max) statingyour reason for applying to this masterclass and what you plan to do with the knowledge you gain.

There are only 20 seats available so start sending your submissions now. Application closes before midnight of Sunday 18 September, 2016.  For more information, click here.

This could be the writing opportunity you’ve been looking for.


Hey Sparkle Writers! We have some writing opportunities for you today. Check them out and apply if you meet the requirements.

Ideal Women NG

ideal women

IdealWomen NG is looking for inspirational and fictional writers (volunteers) who are willing to join hands to build an inspirational blog. This is a great opportunity for upcoming writers who are looking for more platforms to showcase their work.

If selected, you will be writing 1 or 2 articles in a week. You will also have the opportunity to be a part of an exciting monthly series that is run on the blog.

If you are interested in this opportunity, send an email to idealwomenng@gmail.com with a statement of interest.

My Figure8


Are you a young, fun, female writer who loves health and wellness issues? An internship opportunity is open at My Figure8 beauty and wellness centre. My Figure8 helps the urban African woman to discover and live the good life through wellness information, education and events.

To apply for this internship, send an email to myfigure8wellness@gmail.com

All the best!