#PickOfTheWeek – What do imperfections and beauty have in common?

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If you are new to the hub then it is important that we welcome you to one of our favorite segments, the #PickOfTheWeek . Here we feature four amazing writers from instagram and talk about why we loved their piece.

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This piece by Folajin Temitope is wisdom. Many times we are allow our faults and flaws restrict us from greatness. We remind ourselves of our imperfections and give them the power to cripple us. Not anymore. 


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Trust us when we say we were tempted to smile on this one. Be careful what you wish for though, you just may realize that you couldn’t handle it. ‘


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First, we’d like to say thank you @rockcalvary for lending your voice to this cause and raising awareness about it. This post reveals one of the major reasons why rape happens in the society. Trusting the wrong people. 


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When the writer of this particular piece sent us a message on instagram, we knew we had to feature her work. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for capturing some of the amazing qualities of the black person. 


#PickOfTheWeek- Love and it’s piercing consequences



Hey Sparkle Writers, you already know we love to see you here Let’s get to the #PickOfTheWeek, we know you want to know what posts we loved this week and why . Well here they are!


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We see a lot of posts on love and we decided to give them special attention. The first one definitely made us think. Why would he say those love stories were not theirs? Could that be true or did he say it out of anger and hurt? 


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The next post did get us thinking too, or maybe we felt a little bad for the writer. Silence from a loved one can be painful and is something no one wants to experience. 

farmto table (2) Jummy Ipinlaye speaks the truth on this one. Wounds that are covered love related or not never heal well. 

farmto table (1)Finally! Something to smile about right? This post describes love using music. Love can make your heart sing and the one who loves you so will love to listen to every note, and chord it plays.

#PickOfTheWeek – Depth cannot be faked


Hey Sparkle Writers! Today’s title for our #PickOfTheWeek segment is inspired by one of the posts for today. We fell in love with it instantly and couldn’t agree more. 

Let us know which pick resonates with you. 

farmto table (4).png This is our first pick of the week and we could not have said it any better. When you try to pretend to be something you are not it eventually shows and you’d realize that staying true to yourself would have been better, In whatever you do avoid being fake. 

Thank you Ikimi for this. 

farmto table (3) What does your pen do for you? To many writers and poets the pen is a powerful  tool that helps them create their own world 

farmto table (2)Akin Daves has a beautiful imagination. We love how he described our memories and our realities. Both are important, beautiful and should be treasured. 

  farmto table (1)This is a known fact but sometimes it is best to remind ourselves. You cannot successfully love others if you don’t love yourself. 

PickOfTheWeek – Hope when it seems impossible

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How do you feel when you have literally given up on something happening and in the midst of that dark cloud, a silver lining shows up?

How do you feel? Probably pure joy. 

That’s one of the feelings a writer described on today’s PickOfTheWeek . We hope you love this week’s articles. 

The first is by rockcalvary and we love this post because it captures the realities of our heart when people we term as important don’t see us the same way. Has this ever happened to you? 

farmto tableLove makes people say stuff though. When we saw this post we didn’t know what to make of it but then we understand that the promise of forever means a lot to people. What have you said or done in the name of love? 

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The next post is for those who usually wait for inspiration to do work that has to be done. It is easy to wait to feel like doing work but it is not ideal. We honestly have nothing else to add. Thank you Oluwadara for this. farmto table (2) The last piece for today struck a chord and if you read our introductory post, you’d understand what we mean. Sometimes all we need is a little light at the end of the tunnel. farmto table (1)

#PickOfTheWeek – Challeging the status quo, a letter to love

Medieval (1).jpgWriters are challenging the status quo with each post and we love it. Today we have a writer who wrote a letter to love and giving us tips about style. 

We hope you love this #PickOfTheWeek  

Our first pick is from Jumoke Ipinlaye. She speaks the truth in this peice and we all should take note. No matter how much it hirts we must learn not to hide our wounds. It is better to deal with them. 

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   Our next pick is a peice by China Tori and she’s asking a question. One a number of us would have asked a number of times. We are still asking though. brunch (2)  Another peice we love is the one from Muhamed Gbolahan. In a world there is so much rejection and segreaation its great to hear the truth in simple but clear words. We have to learn to accomodate every one’s indiviaulity 

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The last and definetly not the least of the posts we loved from our writers on instagram is by Richard Dappa and it’s a letter to love. Do you think anyone deserves this kind of treatment? Let us know your thoughts. brunch

#PickOfTheWeek – Candid truth from amazing writers

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It’s #PickOfTheWeek and we have four amazing writers today! We can’t wait for you to read from them. 

The first writer is Ugo Udoji we understand the place from which this comes from. Sometimes its so hard to forgive yourself when you make those silly mistakes but then we just have to. 

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Temilorun Adebiyi’s post is next. The way he describes love just makes us want to experience it from his perspective . Let us know what you think! 

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 Ipinlaye Mercy Olajumoke hits the nail on the head with this one. If everyone can take this stand the world would be a safer place to live in. 

farmto table (2)Ekene May’s charge to us is one that everyone needs to take seriously. We must ensure that we live our lives to the fullest. 

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#PickOfTheWeek – A little bit of everything


Hey Sparkle Writers! It’s Tuesday and as you know on the hub time to feature amazing peices  from writers who tag us on instagram. 

Today’s posts are from a little bit of everything.  Ceejay Eze speaks on anger. We are not sure we agree with what he says here but then it’s his view and we want to know what you think. farmto table (1)

We love this one by Maryann Okoli. It doesn’t make sense to give up on who you want to be because some people can’t understand what you are doing or who you are trying to become. 

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Thank you Sensei Fawx for speaking the truth. Before we talk about our colour, race, tribe or religious affinity we are first human. If we remember that, we’d treat the next person to us much better. farmto table (3)    Muhamad Solati speaks the truth with this one! Until we connect our pen to heart our voice will just be an echo. farmto table (4).png 

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#PickOfTheWeek – Nigeria, Time and Darkness, this week’s posts are different

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This week’s posts for #PickOfTheWeek are quite profound and thought-provoking. We admire all the writers for the depth of each piece. 

Our first feature is one that honours our dear country, Nigeria! If you are not from here this piece will help you appreciate us better. We really are dope! Thank you so much, Igbor Clement, for this. 

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The second piece by Nmesoma Agbo is all about domestic abuse and reminds people of how brutal it really is. Nobody should go through it. 

farmto table (1)Adegbite Tomi reminds us about how important it is to manage time do ALL we need to do every day. 

farmto table (2)The last and definitely not the least is a piece about the impact of building lives. No matter how much wealth we acquire. We really can never be truly successful if we don’t build people. Thank you so much, Andrew. 

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#PickOfTheWeek – Life and everything in between

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We are excited to show you today’s #PickOfTheWeek. Writers are really stepping up their game and we love it. 

The first piece we are featuring is by Sakinah. She reminds us of what we do as writers, building our legacy through writing and why we should not give up. Isn’t this just the truth? farmto table

The second writer addressed an issue that is becoming too common around us. Suicide. We love how writers are using their skill to speak the truth and spread peace.


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Sensei Fawx didn’t mince words writing this one. If you are looking for something to explain how fast life is. This one hit the nail on the head. It also reminds us that nobody will be here forever, 


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This last piece hit home. There are just no words for how apt it is. Short and precise. We definitely agree with Daniel. 

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#PickOfTheWeek – Dreams, Love, Poverty and Life. You’ve got to read this


It’s time for our #PickOfTheWeek. This week’s writers are talking dreams, love, poverty and life. They are baring it all. 

The first piece is by @barvemargai and he gives us a sneak and beautiful peek into his dreams. We can only imagine how big his dreams are by reading this. 

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The second piece that sure caught our attention is by Akinrulie Opeyemi. His piece helps us understand that poverty is a problem of the mind. He believes that if we can conquer it in our minds we would have made progress in conquering it physically. 

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Kunle Ibisola was right when he described love in this short and beautiful piece. See it for yourself. 

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Our final selection for the week is by Adewale Olayemi. For some love is a drug that cures pain, for others it is their worst nightmare. Yemi got this right. farmto table (3)


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