#WriterSpotlight – “Never stop writing. For in continuous writing, you become perfect.” Precious Osikha


Writer Spotlight has allowed us to meet different amazing writers, publishers, poets and literary giants from all over the world. Today, we are bringing you another amazing writer we met recently. Precious Oshikha is a multi talented woman who amongst other things is a writer, lawyer and the Founder of the Precious Pen Academy, a platform where creatives are groomed and released to do exploits. We hope you love this interview. 

Please tell us about yourself

I am Precious Osikha, popularly known as Precious Pen (African Queen of Suspense). I live in Benin City and I’m the first child of my parents. I had my primary, secondary and university education in Edo State then proceeded to Law School, Abuja, where I got my B.L. 

It’s three years gone already as a Barrister and Solicitor and I’m very thankful to God. Here’s a wrap up of what I am; lawyer, author of the much talked about White Whispers, blogger, script writer, freelancer/ghost writer, content creator, writer and life builder, brand Strategist, actress, singer, dancer, song writer and a literary event manager. These are my majors among many others.  

Wow. That’s a lot. Can you tell us how and why you ventured into writing?

(Smiles). Actually, I started writing at the age of 8. I have had great admiration for authors. Each time I picked a book to read as a child, there was this burning passion in me telling me that I belonged to this world. So writing has always been in me.

How has it been for you so far?

It hasn’t been easy I must say. Life has thrown a lot of obstacles at me. But in all, I am glad to have recorded successes so far. Trying to merge these skills of mine and my profession is just one thing I am grateful for.

What challenges have you encountered?

At the beginning of my writing career, I faced challenges in terms of finance. Each time I needed assistance and I mention the area of writing, people would turn their faces away. It wasn’t easy making the people around me understand how much I loved writing.

Then I also faced some challenges from men who came into my life. I didn’t get enough encouragement from them. I believe that is because they found it quite difficult to accept the true me and my love for writing.

How have you been able to overcome these challenges?

Through prayers, perseverance, patience and my positive mind set.


You mentioned your book, ‘White Whispers’. Could you please tell us more about it?

If you are looking for a block buster book or let’s say a suspense filled book then White Whispers is a sure bet.

A collection of twenty Short Stories, White Whispers is a narrative collage bordered on love, loss, displacement, and the ‘everydayness’ of identity. The stories, dramatic and prosaic at the same time, attempt to steer the reader to spaces of thought filled with twists and longing. It is spell binding and emotional. The eBook costs N1,000. 

 What inspired you to write the White Whispers and what message do you want the book to pass across?

Awesome life experiences inspired White Whispers.  I want the book to tell people of Love. Hope. Humanity.

What or who is your strongest motivation?

My mother – Mrs Eki Osikha and my dearest companion- Ehi’zogie Iyeomoan.

Tell us about the Precious Pen Academy. What is the Academy all about?

Precious Pen Academy is a subsidiary of Precious Pen Brand itself. While Precious Pen Brand aims at providing services such as freelancing/ghost writing, editorial, publishing, marketing and sales of books, transcribing, scripting, literary event management, graphics design, web development, social media marketing, content creation and lots more; Precious Pen Academy is saddled with the responsibility of building writers and talented people across the globe. We aren’t just aimed at literary people. We are also aiming at training the likes of singers, dancers, actors and business oriented people.  You could see that the Academy has a broad layout to accommodate people and give out solutions to problems. For now, we are just an online/legal entity but soon, we intend to go physical about it. We offer a lot of courses that covers poetry, play writing, self development, brand story telling, fiction and non-fiction writing, running a blog and authorpreneurship. We have an online platform on Facebook with over 1, 500 plus members. We are currently running a program for people to learn the art of script writing for a very affordable token. The program is expected to take place March 29th- 31st, 2018. However, payment is going on now.

So far, how has the academy helped young writers grow?

Honestly, there has been lots of testimonies. Some academicians who came in with little knowledge about writing have improved greatly while some of them have also won prizes.

Recently, the academy got a recommendation from a trainee who subscribed to our course and this attracted other trainees who today are basking in the value they are receiving from the Academy.


What advice would you give to a budding writer?

Hello budding writers/authors, this thing we call writing is a gift. Use it well. Work hard and have patience. To make profit you must learn to be patient. Do not be desperate. Know your audience. Push for it. Give people information they don’t already know. And don’t be greedy. Always ensure you have a good name.

Keep writing. Never stop writing. For in continuous writing you become perfect. Keep winning.

Where do you see yourself and the academy in years to come?

Wow! I have a lot of aspirations. However, I would have been able to publish so many books and win a lot of prizes and awards, get enough tickets to travel around the world providing my services to better humanity.

The Academy would have been known to be a Top Notch Academy with lots of graduates giving out testimonials and getting recommendations from countries across the globe.




#WordOfTheDay – This is what idyllic means


Our word for today is…‘Idyllic’

It is pronounced as [ahy-dil-ik].

It is an adjective meaning extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.

The synonyms of the word are wonderful, peaceful, perfect, ideal.


The idyllic setting had a therapeutic effect on her health.

The ranch owned by Mr. Laser is idyllic.


Books, Fun and Food At The Book Banters With Nkiru Olumide-Ojo

We were excited when we received an invitation from Roving Heights to attend The Book Banters with Nkiru Olumide-ojo. What’s better than hanging out with other book lovers at a bookshop? Maybe reading the books perhaps.

The event took place yesterday on Sunday 28th of January at Patabah Bookshop in Surulere. For those who attended, you’ll agree with us that the book reading was one of a kind. The event was not only highly educative and enlightening, it was also filled with fun conversations and loads of refreshments. You know what they say, when books, fun and food come together, they make history!

For those who didn’t attend, really where were you? To be honest, you did miss a lot. The author of the book, Nkiru Olumide-Ojo read portions of the book as shared the inspiration behind the book. She also gave some useful tips to the women present, admonishing them to be strong and be courageous enough to go for what they want.

On mentoring, she said, “Look at the person’s journey and what you can glean from it.”

When asked why she chose the title, ‘The Pressure Cooker’ for her book, Mrs Olumide-Ojo’s answer was simple – she felt she was under so much pressure, like she was boiling in a cooker, and it inspired her to write the book, to encourage other women out there who are also under pressure, and to teach women how to juggle it all together.

The host of the event, Olive Emodi really did a great job in steering the conversation to the right direction causing the author to share deep insights from her book.

The beautiful event ended with photographs and a book signing. Well done to the Roving Heights team. You rock!


If you would like us to attend your book reading or book club event, please send an email to thesparklewritershub@gmail.com. 


If you’ve always wanted to write for children, this is your opportunity


We love it when we see all these amazing opportunities springing up for writers.

This is something you would love, especially if you have a passion to write for the younger generation. 

Invisible Board is looking to publish writers who are working on books on the culture of Africans for children aged 7-12.

Interested in this opportunity? Send a mail to info@invisible-borders.com with a 3-5 page sample of children writing preferably relevant to the subject of this call. 

The deadline is 9th October 2017.

All the best!

Every blogger needs to read this

3 ways to get great pictures for your blog

How do you feel when you see bloggers who write posts and get 20 comments, 100 shares and even gets endorsement deals because of their blog. It makes you wonder what you are not doing right.

We saw this quote and we were encouraged and being the great people that we are, we have decided to share. This quote was shared by Darren Rowse.  He said

99.9% of great bloggers are not awesome on day one. Their awesomeness is the accumulation of the value they create over time.”

How profound is that? 

This means that you have no business getting envious of other bloggers and their successes because they have done so much work overtime to get to that point. You can’t be blogging for one month and expect the same results as someone who has been blogging consistently for one year. 

No blogger becomes perfect by writing just one blog post. Perfection and mastery comes from blogging over and over and over again. So if you are feeling depressed as to why you are not seeing results be rest assured that they will come you just have to keep blogging.  The more you blog the better you become at editing posts, creating images and sharing your thoughts. 

We know that there are some people who will argue that they’ve been blogging for a while and still no results. Our advice is this keep blogging your time will come. 


#GrammarSeries – The reason why America’s spelling is different from Britain’s



Hey Sparkle Writers. It’s time for another #GrammarSeries. Today we want to consider something that everyone has obviously noticed but probably don’t have answers to yet. 

America and Britain have separate ways of spelling certain words such as canceled/ cancelled, color/colour, centre/center apologize/ apologise and so much more. 

So why the disparity in spelling? 

There’s one major reason. 

Noah Webster, of Webster’s Dictionary fame believed that  it was important for America, a new and revolutionary nation, to assert its cultural independence from Britain through language. He wrote the first American spelling, grammar, and reading schoolbooks and the first American dictionary. He was also an ardent advocate of spelling reform and thought words should be spelled more like they sound.

That’s why America’s spelling is usually shorter than Britain’s and they have words like “favor” without a “u” “theater” with an “-er” instead of an “-re” at the end, “sulfur” with an “f” and not a “ph” in the middle, 

There you have it. That’s the major reason between the spellings

3 writing platforms every newbie must know


We are so in love with our writing newbies so we are dedicating another post to you.

Today we are giving you platforms that can serve as amazing resources for you. Whatever kind of help, advice, resource you need, you will get it from these writing blogs.

Positive Writer 

Positivewriter.com is a very relatable blog for every writer, whether or not you are a newbie. Bryan, (the brain behind the blog) has a fine way of encouraging writers and talking about the writing profession. You should check out his post on how to start a daily positive journal. We think it’s absolutely brilliant.

Goins writer

Jeff is an amazing writer and he writes beautifully, which shows in every blog post. If you want creative and engaging blog that gives spot-on advice you definitely should visit his blog. Check out his post on how to be more creative without having to be original.

Sparkle writers

You know we are not being bias when we say this. The sparkle Writers’ Hub for years has helped writers become the best they can be. Our blog focuses on different aspects of a writer’s life from grammar, to blogging to learning new words and even celebrating other writers.  If you missed our post on why your failure shouldn’t define you as a writer. Read it today

Please note that there are many more writing blogs doing amazing things but we only highlighted three. If you have more blogs you want us to feature, drop the URL in the comment box and we’d check the blog out!





#WriterSpotlight – “Writing allows me spin a universe from my web of imaginations while leaving a part of me with people.” Ella Chikezie



Ella Chikezie started writing  professionally just over a year ago. Today, she has stories and articles that delights her followers on social media. What is she doing right? We think you should go straight to the interview and find out all you need to learn from Ella.

Hello Ella, please introduce yourself.

I am Ella Chikezie, a final year biochemistry student at the University of Port Harcourt. I am the 2nd of 5 children. I’m a writer/ blogger. My writing theme explores poetry, articles, fiction, and prose. I love traveling a lot, asides from the fact that I’m a chronic bibliophile. I was born into a family where reading is a lifestyle for us, my parents are book collectors and they made us read a lot of books while growing up. In fact I could read the bible properly before I turned 8.

How long have you been writing for and what have you learnt in these years?

Professionally I’ve been writing for over a year, but from as little as 10 I had started writing. In my sojourn as a writer, I have learnt that consistency is a major key. The phenomenon that practice makes perfect is applicable to effective writing. If you want to write better, you just have to keep writing. Also in writing effectively, you have to do a lot of research, because when you write, you are enlightening people, so yes, take out time to research and do your homework.

Lastly as writers, we all have the tendency to fall into the dark phase of writing called the “writer’s block” where it becomes difficult to conjure up words and pen down our thoughts. At this point, take time out from your work and allow your mind to breathe! What I mean is, you can take your mind away from what you are writing by simply relaxing, maybe take a stroll, a nap, gist with family and friends, or whatever thing you do when you relax. While you are at that, try to read things that are similar to what you are writing and you’d see that you’d get your muse back eventually. Often times that’s how I deal with writers block.

How do you merge your writing career and responsibilities as a student together?

Honestly it’s not been grand! Especially in the past when I didn’t keep a checklist for how I utilized my time, severally I found myself with a clogged schedule. I procrastinated a lot and eventually ended up achieving little. But right now I manage my time effectively by keeping an online notepad/checklist for organizing my activities. That’s how I’m able to joggle both. When it’s time for study, I put aside my writing materials and concentrate on studies, and vice versa. But I make sure I write a sentence everyday.

You write articles, poems, and fiction. In your own opinion, what makes each type of writing special?

In article writing, you deal with real issues, and a lot of work goes into that. You have to read broadly on the topic of discussion, research, brainstorm, there are a lot of technicalities that has to do with facts, logic e.t.c because you’re trying to let people buy your opinion about an issue or something. Whereas in poetry and fiction, it is the fusion of your imaginations and emotions. Also there’s the use of the elements stanzas, rhymes in poetry unlike the former.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from everything and anything. From a piece of artwork, to nature’s handwork, a word of encouragement from someone, or personal experience. But my highest inspiration is from God, knowing that He gave me this gift to share with the world is enough for me.

You seem to love sharing your work on Instagram, what inspired this?

I share my work on every social media platform I am signed up to, but I share more on Instagram because it gets more audience than other platforms for now.

What one thing would you give up to become a better writer?


Apart from writing, what are your other hobbies?

I play volleyball, dance, swim, take photos, and travel when I’m chanced.

Have you ever been rejected as a writer, if yes please tell us about it.

No, thankfully I haven’t and I’m not scared if such happens, because it’s part of the growth process.

What is your ultimate dream as a writer?

My ultimate dream as a writer is to know that I gave the voiceless a voice by writing my truth, that my works would someday grace posterity’s bookshelf and would still relate with people, even long after I’m gone.

Some write for fortune, others write for fame, why do you write?

I write because I love writing, and it’s my happy escape. It’s the only way I can bare my soul to the world, I can spin a universe from my web of imaginations while leaving a part of me with people. Writing is part of my essence here on earth.

How has your writing evolved over the years, did you do anything specific to make improvements? If yes, please share with us.

It’s been a gradual but steady evolution, from being someone who was struggling to write a line in days, to being someone who writes pages in hours, its been a huge improvement for me. I was able to achieve this because I kept writing, plus I have the right support system and people cheering me on. Especially my mentor in person of Michelle Dede.

Several years ago when I had doubt’s about my talents, she encouraged me to keep writing, and she still does. Also my sister Kelly Chikezie who is also a writer has been a huge supporter and motivator. Finally I read voraciously, I also did an online course to learn the basics of effective writing.

What’s the biggest lesson writing has taught you

I learnt that though it may look financially unrewarding and out rightly discouraging especially when your works don’t gain a large audience and is not appreciated, but as long as you don’t stop writing and keep putting your work out there, someday soon, the right people would connect with your work and appreciate it. So keep writing. Write because you are giving people the rare privilege to see things from your own unique perspective.

#WordOfTheDay – You should know what a scapegrace means


It’s Wednesday and as you know on The Sparkle Writers Hub, it is time to learn a new word.

Today’s word sounds a bit funny but let’s find out what it really means.

Scapegrace is pronounced ˈ/skeɪpɡreɪs/

At first glance, you might think “scapegrace” has something in common with “scapegoat,” a word for a person who takes the blame for someone else’s mistake or calamity. This is not it.

Scapegrace is used to describe a mischievous or wayward person, especially a young person or child; a rascal.

Let’s look at the word in a few sentences

Alex is a scapegrace, we don’t want him at the party. 

Discipline your son early, else he will become a scapegrace. 

Now that you know we hope you can use this word in place of words like stubborn or rascal. See you next week!

How to react to negative comments on your blog


On our blogging series, we have at different points explained why a blog can be one of the best things to happen to you, whether as a writer or not.

However, we can’t deny the fact that there are a few things that can make the experience far from fun. One of them is negative comments.

No matter what you write, some people will never agree with you and instead of saying their opinions nicely, they will curse and do their best to be as nasty as possible.

You cannot control what people write but you can control your reaction. Here’s how to react to a negative comment.

Stay cool

We know it is very hard to remain calm when someone literally attacks you on social media but you have to. Don’t respond in anger. If you need to, wait a little while for your feelings to be more stable then speak. Don’t return the insults, it’s not good for your brand and definitely not worth your time.

Delete the comment

That’s why it’s your blog . If there’s too much hate and negative energy surrounding the comment you have the right to delete such. There’s so much evil going on in the world you really should not harbor some more in your personal space.

Respond accurately 

Negative comments are not always insulting. Some readers may not agree with you in some areas but present it so politely. They also have a right to speak their mind you know. When you see comments like that, respond appropriately. Thank them for their opinion and give further clarification if need be. Social media is all about communication after all. .