6 things every writer needs to do

If you are serious about writing, here are six things you need to start doing right now:

Look for a story in everything. The good and bad moments of life form great content for writing. Even the most mundane moments can bring about the best piece of writing. So be observant. Turn the events of life into writing. Even bad experiences can lead you to write something outstanding.

Keep learning. The world of a writer is beautiful but that world can remain stagnant if you fail to learn and grow. You must expand your mind; learn new skills, travel to new cities, meet new people. Broaden your horizon. It will show in your writing. You will be inspired to write new stories from fresh angles.

Judge less. This is very useful especially for those writers who are perfectionists. You edit and cancel until you get the perfect draft. The problem is you still end up criticizing the finished work. You know what you need to do? Be less critical of yourself and your work. Constant self-criticism will limit your creativity.

Get better. While we don’t want you to criticize yourself excessively, we do want you to get better as a writer. No writer ever gets to the point where they have perfected the art of writing. There is always room to improve and get better. Go for writing classes, ask for feedback from experienced writers, read blogs like ours where you’d get useful writing tips.

Write from your heart. There’s no point writing something that’s ‘trending’ when your heart is not in it. It’ll be a waste of your time. You can write about the most ordinary topic and it will be a hit simply because you wrote it from your heart. So write what about things you are passionate about. Follow your heart and not the noise of the public.

Push yourself. Don’t get complacent and remain at the same level. Always aim higher in your writing. If you’ve been writing for blogs, can you take one step further and start writing for magazines? How about becoming a copywriter or a content writer. Push yourself. You can do it.