Everything you should know about this fiction masterclass + a 5% discount!


Hey Sparkle Writers! If you’ve wondered how to write the perfect dialogue or create scenes and characters that keep your readers spell bound, we’ve got the right answer. 

Abimbola Dare, an author of two bestselling books, The Accidental Wife and The Small Print, will be hosting a one-day fiction masterclass on how to: 

  • Write dialogue that sizzles 
  • Build scenes and characters
  • Create suspense and infuse mind blowing plot twist

There will also be a question and answer segment on how to get your books published. Isn’t that great? 

As if that’s not enough, everyone who registers from The Sparkle Writer’s Hub will get a 5% discount! 


DATE: Saturday, May 27th 2018

FEE : N 15, 000  (with a 5% discount if you register from us) 

VENUE : Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja Lagos. 

To register, click here 

#WritingQuote – Figure out what you have to say. That’s what you have to offer.


Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.Barbara Kingsolver

Do you constantly feel the need to conform to people’s opinion of what you should write? Do you feel intimidated when someone says, “That character is too controversial” or “This chapter should be more dramatic.” If you do then this is for you.

Say for example, you love to write poetry but you are thinking of switching to prose or drama because you think it’s more popular. This move may seem logical but could be very detrimental. Strength lies in differences, not similarities and success stems from your passion and patience to see your dreams through.  

Everyone has a story, a source of inspiration, a writing style. So, never feel the need to conform or be like someone else because you are unique. You are different.

Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open and write as your heart truly speaks. Many of the accomplished and widely celebrated writers in the world are known for their distinct writing styles.

Taking correction is a very healthy thing to do. But you must ensure you do not water down the value of your essence as a writer. You do not need to be like anyone else.

Stay true to yourself. Only then can you be peculiar. Only then can you be YOU!


#GrammarSeries – Do you say a myriad of or just myriad?

Medieval (1).png

There are a few words we still need to learn to use properly. These words are what cause arguments among grammarians and writers.

For example, is it correct to say, “The forest contains myriad species” or “The forest contains a myriad of species.” The argument is usually that myraid is an adjective equivalent to a number and since you cannot say “there are a ten thousand of species,”  you shouldn’t say, “There are a myriad of species.”

Would you be surprised if we told you that most language experts believe both ways are fine?  

Myriad was actually used as a noun in English long before it was used as an adjective, and today it’s considered both a noun and an adjective, which means it can be used with an ‘a’ before it (as a noun) or without an ‘a’ before it (as an adjective).



#PickOfTheWeek – What do imperfections and beauty have in common?

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If you are new to the hub then it is important that we welcome you to one of our favorite segments, the #PickOfTheWeek . Here we feature four amazing writers from instagram and talk about why we loved their piece.

farmto table (1)

This piece by Folajin Temitope is wisdom. Many times we are allow our faults and flaws restrict us from greatness. We remind ourselves of our imperfections and give them the power to cripple us. Not anymore. 


farmto table (4).png

Trust us when we say we were tempted to smile on this one. Be careful what you wish for though, you just may realize that you couldn’t handle it. ‘


farmto table (3)

First, we’d like to say thank you @rockcalvary for lending your voice to this cause and raising awareness about it. This post reveals one of the major reasons why rape happens in the society. Trusting the wrong people. 


farmto table 

When the writer of this particular piece sent us a message on instagram, we knew we had to feature her work. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for capturing some of the amazing qualities of the black person. 

3 questions to ask before reviving your blog


If you follow our blogging series then you’d know how we advocate for writers to have their own blog. Blogging is fun and when done the right way, it can yield amazing results. However, if your blog has been dormant for a while there are a few questions you may need to ask yourself. 

Do I still enjoy blogging?

Why devote time and energy trying to revive a blog when you do not enjoy blogging? Maybe you did it because you liked what other bloggers were doing but you need to be honest with yourself. 

Patiently allow your true motives to arise. If you genuinely love blogging then you can consider reviving it. 

What commitment can you make?

Depending on your schedule, you have to ask yourself the kind of attention and energy you can devote to your blog.

Some bloggers run successful businesses currently and simply cannot take on new projects. Other bloggers work full time and cannot give the proper attention and energy to blogging in order to grow a thriving, full time venture.

Be honest. There’s no need resurrecting a blog you cannot commit to 100%.

Does the niche still exist?

Assess it, is your niche still relevant or do you need to evaluate things? 

Imagine trying to resurrect a blog focused on typewriting for businesses. There’s no way that blog can succeed Niches like personal development, writing, and travel pretty much work now, and forever, as long as human beings exist. People want help improving their lives by improving themselves.

#WordOfTheDay – Learn what canorous means

Medieval (3)

Hello Sparkle Writers! We are back with another word for you to learn. Ever heard of canorous before? We stumbled on it on Oxford’s weird word list and we are still not sure why they consider it a weird word. 

Canorous /kəˈnɔːrəs/ is an adjective that can be used to describe a song or speech as melodious or resonant. For example:

Nightingales are canorous birds.

Belting out a canorous tune, the singer’s beautiful voice seemed to entrance everyone around.

Giving a canorous speech to the attentive crowd, the speaker’s voice carried beautifully throughout the arena.

Here are a few words that are similar in meaning to canorous: melodious, pleasant, harmonious, clear, soft.

Now make your own sentences with this word. 

#WritingQuote – If you write a hundred stories, you have the odds in your favour


If you write one story, it may be bad; if you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favour. Edgar Rice Burroughs


We have seen writers who will write a few stories and then stop because no one is reading, or no one is commenting. Why do we do that sometimes though?

Look at it from this angle, you are travelling to America from Nigeria and on your way to the airport you stop moving because there’s a little traffic and you are angry you’ve still not gotten there. Will stopping aid your journey to America? Of course not. All you have succeeded in doing is aborting the trip. The same applies to writing. It is good to have expectations; you want to build a community, you want to publish bestsellers etc but you must remember that all these will not happen at once. If you don’t  keep writing consistently, you may never get those results. 

Many of the ‘accomplished’ writers have been around for almost 10 years, you just didn’t know about them. There’s no overnight success in this industry only those who pay their dues will be duly rewarded.

If you write one story, it may be bad but when you write a hundred, chances are that there’d be at least one which would be usable.

How many of us have written up to a hundred blog posts? Have you written up to a hundred stories? So why do you want to give up? Even if you have written up to a hundred, stopping now would rubbish all the hard work you have done since you started so keep going.

You will succeed.

#PickOfTheWeek – Is this love?

Medieval (6).jpg

Hey Sparkle Writers and welcome to another amazing #PickOfTheWeek segment on the blog today. 

We are super excited to show you what we’ve got partly because we are featuring new writers! The other reason will be revealed later. 

Here they are. 

farmto table (3)

The first is by Anita and you can tell that it was one of the posts that inspired today’s title. What do you call this, love? 

farmto table (2)

This one is everything and should be the reply you give if you’re being taken for granted on the account of love. Love should not make you loose your mind. You should know when you’re not being treated right. 

farmto table (1) We love, love love this one. Many times, whether in love or everyday life some of us miss some great things because we have a fixated mindset of how things are supposed to play out. It doesn’t always happen that way.

farmto table Thank you scribbling introvert for this. Sometimes love is so deep that you look for different ways to express it. 


You have time to write and this is proof


“Gosh! If only there were 26 hours in a day, I’d at least have time to write!”

If you have been saying this, it is safe to guess that you have not written anything substantial in a long while because you ‘don’t have time.‘ Our experience from coaching writers has proved to us countless times that everyone has time to write but not everyone makes it a priority.

If you were told that for every page you write in a day, you’d get $1000, we are sure many of us will come up with pages of work because we have moved writing to the priority list. We understand that the hustle and bustle of everyday life can get overwhelming but everyone who wants to go beyond writing occasionally must attach some level of importance to it.

You say you don’t have time. What time do you wake up everyday? What do you do when you wake up? Some of us wake up by 4 am and are already checking social media sites for what someone else has posted. Where is what you have posted? Before you know it, it is 7 am and all you want to do is rush out. How about utilizing that period when everyone is sleeping and your neighborhood is quiet to write? If you are a morning person, it is even better. Even if it’s just two pages you manage to write in one hour, it is okay because you have at least gotten something down. 

There is another group of writers who just need to give up something they do for writing. Like we said before, you have to know what’s important to you. If you love your TV and it’s your relaxation time, maybe instead of watching two hours, you just watch for one hour and then spend the other hour writing.

You don’t need to have a four-hour block of time in order to work on your book. If you have 15 minutes, or half an hour, get some words down.

It’s all about scheduling.

Wondering what scheduling has to do with it? You need to actively schedule the time to write.

We make time in our lives for what’s important to us.

The question is this, Is writing important enough for you to make time and plan it in advance?


Social media myths every blogger should get rid of

Medieval (5).jpg

Every blogger knows that social media cannot be avoided especially if you want to be successful as a  blogger. There are however a few myths about social media that you need to take note of. We shared four of such myths in this post. 

Social media is cheap or free. 

Now this is quite tricky because it is true that so many social media sites are free. The same applies to a number of social media management tools but you must know that although they don’t cost money, they cost time (time is money). One way or the other, you’d have to pay for it. Think about the money you spend buying data in the first place. 

You can make a big splash really quickly. 

No you can’t. There are a few people who seem to ‘make it big’ quickly but it does not work that way for everyone. Don’t expect your blog or social media page to become a sensation from one minute to the next. It takes a lot of time and dedication to keeping your content fresh which is one of the things that attracts growth. 

You can’t build quality relationships online. 

This is not true. Many people have built quality relationships online. The Sparkle Writers Hub is a testament of this. Through our writing blog, we have successfully built relationships with writers, authors, book publishers amongst others. As long as you are ready to groom the relationship offline, then it is worth it. Business relationships can be built on social media; let no one tell you otherwise.

It gives away content and ideas you should be charging for. 

Simply put: The more you give, the more you receive on social media. You need to let go of the idea that all the content you produce is proprietary. Engage with your audience, and encourage them to share what you’ve created.